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The Irish Emigrant
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'I have just this minute finished reading your stories - I thoroughly enjoyed reading them, thanks very much.  The whole book is a lovely piece of work and I will be reading it again! I was very aware, especially while reading "Down Memory Lane", of having grown up in a very similar environment to you.  It pulls everything together and also your descriptions in every story are so clear. I was particularly affected by the story "My Dear Boy". I really love the way you can draw the reader into a moment.  Nuala, Johnsonville Book Club, Wellington, New Zealand


‘A Bump in the Road is a collection of delightful stories that brought back fond memories of my own childhood in suburban Australia, however the Irish flavour makes it all the more interesting ... More, especially during the 'troubles'. This book is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace, leaving time to ponder and reminisce between stories. Hugh Vaughan has a gift for storytelling’   Regan, Mentone Book Club , Melbourne, Australia

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